• Where can the spray be performed? Practically anywhere. Requirements are a 7-feet ceiling, power outlet, decent lighting and ventilation. We provide the rest.
  • Is competition spray tanning available? Yes. Sho-Glo Competition Spray Tanning Solution is based on Tan Extraordinaire 10% DHA blend with added triple boost “performance/stage” level bronze tints. Product is formulated for bright lighting situations such as competition events, stage lighting, or bring photo shoots. This product has an intense dark bronze tint, not recommended for normal “non performance or non-event” wear.
  • What should I wear? Females usually just wear a thong and remain topless or wear a two piece bathing suit, depending on their level of comfort. Males can wear shorts either full-length or rolled-up, or underwear (no nudity allowed!). Try to use cotton and avoid silk or nylon because they are easily stained.
  • How long does it take? Approximately 15 minutes plus 10 minute prep time.
  • How long does the spray take to dry? Almost immediately, there is a light sticky feel after application.
  • How long should I wait before taking a shower? 6-8 hours to allow the solution to react with the skin; allowing smooth transition between the cosmetic color (which washes off with the first shower) and the color which has developed underneath.
  • How long will the spray tan last? Spray tan can last over a week, depending on the skin type and care. Applying a tan extending moisturizer will prolong the life of the tan.


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**Remember to bring dark, loose-fitting clothing to wear afterwards so that the tan does not rub off or streak.